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What is Elasticsearch

Elastic search is an open source search engine which is based on apache Lucene. It is full text search engine which use http json request and response. . Elastic allows us to store, search, and analyze big volumes of data quickly and in near real time It store data in json format so we can store large volume of data through json file or Logstash. It is highly scalable in nature we can use in cluster envrionment and can get data from multiple nodes simultanouesly.

You run an online web store where you allow your customers to search for products that you sell. In this case, you can use Elasticsearch to store your entire product catalog and inventory and provide search and autocomplete suggestions for them.

More About Elastic

Elatsic is devloped on java and available free under the terms of Apache.Elastic is near real time(NRT) in nature means slight latency i.e data effects take around 1 second to searchable after put into index unlike rdbms which is real time. We use Elastic Sense browser plugin can be added as extension in your browser. It is developed alongside a data collection and log parsing engine ot tool called Logstash , and an analytics and visualization platform called Kibana.All three come into single stack called ELK stack

Logstash- it allow us to put data from database view or table directly into elastic with the help of jdbc plugin .With the help of logstash we can put large volume of data into elastic. it can be download from here

kibana- It is visulize tool of elastic.With the help of kibana we can create dashboard and other report and stats in graphical format. kibana can be download from here

Advantage of Elastic

1.Platform Independent - It is platform independent because it use java
2.Schema Free - is schema free simply use json to interact with elastic.
3.Very fast - Elastic fetch data large amount of data in seconds.
4.Open Sorce - It is provide as an open source software.
5. Scalability and Reliable - It can be run on parallel nodes with the help of cluster environment and also reliable because of replicas.

DisAdvantage of Elastic

1.Near real Time - It takes some time to make document searchable after put into elastic near about 1 second.