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Java Technology

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Java Technology is the most used robust technology.It is very popular language all around the world because of security,open source and internet application of java.In U.S 8 out of 10 computers run on java. Now we start learning java from basics like what is core java, where it is applied, what type of applications are developed in java and why we use java.

What is Java

In general terms, java is Island in Indonesia and Indonesia is popular for its coffee that is the reason behind java logo is made of a cup of coffee .
Technically , Java is a programming language and as well as a platform. It is object-oriented, high level,platform independent, robust and secured programming language.Many Programming language have implement OOPs and other features but java security and extensibility make it different from other programming languages.

Platform means : Any hardware or software environment on which a program runs, is known as a platform. Java provide, its own run time environment i.e JRE and API, that 's why it is called a platform independent programming language.

Java Example

Let's have our first example.The first example is a basic one ,a welcome program.

class Simple
public static void main(String args[])
System.out.println("Welcome to the world of Java...");

way for compile and run program

java Simple


Welcome to the world of java...

Application of java or Uses of java

According to Sun (now acquired by Oracle),more then 5 billion devices run on java. There are many devices that run on java. Some of them are as follows:

1.Many Desktop based Applications such as media players, antiviruses ,customized user based app etc.

2.Web or Intenet Applications such as ,IBM Developerworks etc.

3.Many banking applications like punjab national bank etc.

4.Embedded System,Smart Card

5.Robotics and Many embedded Technologies like Lift etc.

6. Many Games are also developed in java etc.