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Feature or power of java

Behind the success of java,its feature play an important role.The java is secure and robust programming language.The java is simple to learn and implement but have great impact on world of programming language. That is why java is run on web most successfully in 1995 to till date.

The main feature of java programming language are following:

1. Simple -> It is easy to understand java .It bases derived from c and c++ language.

2. Secure-> Java is very secured programming language.It is the main feature of java .Both external and internal security are provide by java.

3. Robust-> Java is robust programming language.

4. Portability(WORA)-> Java is write once run every where (WORA).WE can write and run program on one one os and run on any operating system.

5. Extensibility->It is always upgraded programming language.Android ,groovy , all child of java.

6. Light Weight->It is light weight in nature and support billion on device include Ac’s to mobile.

7. OOPS Compaitable->Support all object oriented programming feature like inheritance,encapsulation,object and class,Polymorphism.abstraction.