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Setup Elasticsearch

Now we learn how to setup and download elastic . It run on at least java 8 version.Java 8 can be download from its official website by click on given link Download java 8.. After download and setup java we are now move on Elastic.
It can be downloaded from here Download Elastic. After you go to download link you will find all the version of elastic according to Operation system. We will tell you about window version.The steps to setup elastic on window are follows:
1. Download zip file of elastic.
2.Extract the elastic zip file.
3.Now go to bin folder.
4.Run elasticsearch.bat file to run elastic.
5.Now your elastic is run.
6.Add elastic sense extension on your browser.We use elastic sense plugin to interact with elastic you can also use curl.But sense it easy to use .
7.To check whether elastic run fine or not run following url
8.After you pass this request you have receive a json response on your browser elastic sense window with the name of cluster and status 200

Note: If your elastic do not run check ,Set java path till bin folder and java_home path setup up to jdk1.8.0.