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Introduction to java 8

Java 8 have introduced in March 18, 2014. Java 8 version have many wonderful feature to make programming more easy .Specailly,lamda expression of java 8 enables java programming language more powerful and effective.

Java 8 is the biggest change to Java since the inception of the language
Java, the programming language used by millions of developers, is now even better. Thelaunch of Java 8 on March 25 represents the most significant update to the Java programming model ever, and demonstrates that Java is thriving among a worldwide community of programmers, code contributors, and users.

New Feature in Java 8

1)Lamda Expression- A big challenge was to introduce lambdas without requiring recompilation of existing binaries.
It enables functional programming.Lamda Expression enable us to behave functionality as a method argument, or code as data.We will read more about it on next page

2)Better JavaFx API It provide better UI programming with the help of new package include in java 8 like javafx.print package provides the public classes for the JavaFX Printing API

3)Better Security like Encryption It provide effective cryptography by providing stronger algorithms for password-based encryption , Client-side TLS 1.2 enabled by default etc.

4)Improved type inference Type inference is a Java compiler's ability to look at each method invocation and corresponding declaration to determine the type argument (or arguments) that make the invocation applicable

5)Collections The java 8 also provide new package in Collection API like package integrated into collection API

6)New date / time APIs The new package also provide for better date and time management .
Java 8 implemented its own new date / time API from beginning.Unlike Calendar.getInstance(), the new APIs were designed with simplicity in mind, and clear operations to operate on manipulated values in both human readable and machine time formats.

7)Provide JavaScript Support Java 8 also provide new engine for javascript support that is Nashorn Javascript Engine